Our company prides itself on providing the ultimate experience in patient care and convenience.  Our goal is to give our patients the solutions to their needs all under one roof, and to respond to their unique requests with utmost attention to detail. Whether they are looking for prefab bracing, a custom fitted orthosis, a prosthesis, or for full custom fabrication to fit their particular needs, at our state of the art facility we are equipped with an in-house lab where we manufacture a large selection of devices to treat the specific conditions affecting their mobility, function and daily lives.  We serve patients of diverse age groups including children and adults all within our centrally located office in Miami, Florida.  Our practice was created with our patient’s comfort in mind and to provide them with a family setting where they will feel welcomed and cared for always.

Patient assessment


Product design

Product training

Custom fabrication

Maintenance and repair

Other solutions tailored around each patient’s needs

From beginning to end, we are fully involved in the fabrication process for each of the custom devices we offer, including taking impressions, sizing, cast, product construction and development, testing, quality control, on site measuring and supervision by our practitioners to ensure that every product meets both our standards, and our patients’ expectations.  We have earned the trust of not only of our patients, but also of medical specialists, clinics and doctors who continue to send us their patients so we can accommodate their needs no matter how simple or complex these may be.  We meet with each patient on a one to one basis to discuss and review each of their cases, and to find the best possible solution depending on their lifestyles, goals and physical abilities.


At Miami Durable Medical Equipment, DBA Restore Orthotics and Prosthetics we are known for our innovation, for going the extra mile, and for encouraging our patients to never give up. Our hard work and commitment to finding the best suited solution for each patient has placed us in the leading position of the best independent providers of prosthetic and orthotic services, and as the professionals that continuously break boundaries to achieve exceptional results. Our facility also welcomes walk-in patients looking for pre-fab products.  We carry a large selection of products in stock that can be easily fitted to our patient’s needs and that they can conveniently obtain in our premises if not immediately, within a few days time frame. In the event that our patients are fitted with an unfamiliar product, our team is equipped to educate and train them on product usage, care and overall function.


Contact us with your needs.  We are available and dedicated to making a positive difference in your life!

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We are an accredited and state licensed practice, providing superior quality orthotic and prosthetic services to the South Florida area. We offer Orthotic bracing services within our state-of-the-art facility as well as convenient mobile services for homebound patients. Utilizing our in-house fully operational O&P technical lab, individuals are able to receive custom made devices tailored to meet their unique needs. We are known for our personalized and expert services, and for delivering our products in an efficient, professional and dependable manner.


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