Sadly, thousands of children and adults regularly experience the loss of a limb as a result of a trauma, an accident or from a serious illness. The greatest gift our practice can give to them is a prosthesis that is tailored to their unique needs so they can slowly regain self-confidence and independence, and be able to take back the control of their lives. In addition, our time and dedication to teaching them how to overcome their physical and emotional challenges are determining factors that will positively impact them for years to come, and that will ultimately speed up their recovery. Our company has been exclusively dedicated to delivering the most reliable and trusted options for patients facing a multitude of physical challenges.  Our motto has and continues to be “restoring mobility, function and hope”, and we work passionately and arduously to achieve this outcome for each of our patients.


Our practice is equipped with bilingual, experienced, professional and caring staff members that have been properly trained, Florida Licensed/ABC Certified, and insured as required within our field.  From our service technicians, to orthotic fitters, to our customer service representatives, we are proud to mention that everyone in our team possesses an unrivaled commitment to making a positive difference not only in our industry, but especially, in the lives that we touch on a daily basis. By combining our unmatched and advanced technical knowledge, meticulous attention to detail and high manufacturing standards, we provide each patient with a prosthesis, or brace that is made with superior quality materials, the best craftsmanship and with every detail in mind.

An experienced and caring team

The newest technology

Trained and licensed fitters and technicians

Orthotic and prosthetic services

Comprehensive product line

O&P in-house technical lab

Custom made products

Unrivaled commitment to restore your lifestyle

We invested time and resources to select the best manufacturers and distributors in order to offer the finest and most cutting edge prosthetic and orthotic goods for our diverse customer base. Our products are from world-renowned brands and we carry a large selection to assist patients who suffer from virtually any physical condition or ailment.  In addition, each device is custom fitted to the particular need of every patient, and our practitioners work directly with medical specialists and doctors to determine the best device and the best fit for each individual case.  We also offer prefab orthotic bracing and fully custom made orthotics through our in-house fabrication services, which enables us to have complete control of our goods, resulting in superior quality orthotics, crafted with top-notch workmanship and ready within the specified time frame.


Miami Durable Medical Equipment, DBA Restore Orthotics and Prosthetics is contracted with most health insurance companies. We are also continuously becoming contracted with new health insurance providers. If your plan is not mentioned, please give us a call to confirm that we are not providers with your insurance.


We are devoted to finding the best products, the best options, and the latest technology to fulfill the ongoing demands, and to enable our patients to have the active lifestyles they deserve. Providing a solution for each patient, giving them hope, helping them to achieve their individual goals and to overcome their physical challenges are some of the most rewarding experiences for our team.  It is through our guidance, encouragement, motivation and support that they find the strength to get back on their feet, lead a normal life, and to find the joy and independence they once had.


We encourage you to contact us and tell us more about your unique challenges and needs, and to let us guide you step by step to your successful rehabilitation. Your happiness and general well being are our top priority!

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We are an accredited and state licensed practice, providing superior quality orthotic and prosthetic services to the South Florida area. We offer Orthotic bracing services within our state-of-the-art facility as well as convenient mobile services for homebound patients. Utilizing our in-house fully operational O&P technical lab, individuals are able to receive custom made devices tailored to meet their unique needs. We are known for our personalized and expert services, and for delivering our products in an efficient, professional and dependable manner.


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